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 Sexy Scales
                           (Formerly The Leopard Gecko)

Welcome to one of the Sexy Scales websites.  We have had several great years and with our growth, we've changed our name to something more memorable.  Sexy Scales offers the personal attention of a small business while the prices compete with all of the other large businesses out there.  

Leopard geckos are an ideal pet.  They are low maintenance and have a fantastic personality. Because leopard geckos reach between 7" and 12", they do not require very much space.  Also, expensive UV bulbs are not needed because they are nocturnal animals.  

The first lizard that Sexy Scales ever purchased was a pet.  This business has grown out of a love of leopard geckos.  When the idea of a business came to us, all of the leopard geckos purchased were done so based on health, color, and pattern.  

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